Monday, May 2, 2011

Translations: tradies


It's supposed to be like that.


I don't feel like driving back to your house and fixing the thing I should have got right in the first place, and besides, you're a woman so I can probably con you into thinking there isn't a problem.


Anonymous said...

I recently found that mentioning to an erring tradesman that I had been speaking to the Department of Fair Trading (that's NSW) about his shoddy workmanship instigated a complete turnaround in his attitude and his willingness to fix the work.

Mind you, he probably cursed me in no uncertain terms once he left my premises, but the job is completed so what do I care!

fxh said...

Pav - I wouldn't feel that you get special treatment from so called tradies as a woman - believe me I get plenty of inanities and outright bullshit as a pretty experienced handy man.

Casey said...

Conversation with mechanic yesterday:

Me: You said you machined the discs and now they have been squealing like stuck pigs all week. Now, I come here and on the way here - silence. No squealing, screeching or anything. Nada. Now they are perfect. Please explain to me what is going on with the breaks and the squealing.

Mechanic: I will explain it this way. You are a woman?

Me: Would you like to rephrase your comment without the sexist piggery? I said the breaks were squealing like stuck pigs, not you, Sam.

Mechanic: Look, bring it back when and if it happens again. May be the discs have reglazed themselves.

Me: What are the discs anyway? Cherries? And will you be charging me for the unglazing? I don't want to be charged for what I done already paid for, understand me Sam?

Mechanic: (Lento, con fear) No of course not, we will not charge you. We endeavour to look after you Casey the witch, you know that.

Me: Would you like to borrow my book on Rape Culture Sam?

Mechanic: NO.

Me: Good bye then, no doubt I will be in touch.

WV: Vorsest.