Thursday, November 24, 2011

Normal service will be resumed shortly ...

... now that the standard November pile of work has been whittled down almost to a reasonable level. (And don't think I'm not grateful to have work. Au contraire, for how else would I ever hope to pay the dentist?)

I heard the most wonderful interview with Paul Kelly on the car radio yesterday and wrote a long post about music in my head but of course it's all gone now. Well, nearly all; hands up anyone else who remembers Peter, Paul and Mary singing 'I'm in Love With a Big Blue Frog'. Sigh.


Phill said...

Just last night I was watching a YouTube clip of Patience Hodgson and Glen Richards singing Paul Kelly's Leaps and Bounds at a 2009 Rockwiz concert and thinking how Kelly's songs transcend him and how beautiful and lyrical they sound in any competent performers hands.

He really is one of Australia's greatest poets.

Have you read "How to make gravy"? Well worth it.

Helen said...

It's depressing how you work all year long and as soon as you've amassed a small pile of money, you have to give it to the dentist. At least that's my experience. Except for the bits I give to schoolkids and motor mechanics.