Monday, March 30, 2009

Life keeps on happening

Unfortunately, at the moment, very little of it is bloggable for one reason or another, and there's too much going on for there to be time to sit down and compose any kind of proper piece about books or writing or ideas.

Random impressions zoom by though, the most recent of which happened a minute ago when I noticed that the Blogger dashboard has a new tab: in addition to 'Posting', 'Settings' and 'Layout' we now also have 'Monetize'.

Now there are a number of things I'd like to monetize, if that word means what I think it does, and I foresee a future in which the blog may well be one of them, but, for the moment, no.

Other random things:
  • It really is true that work expands to fill the time available.
  • Coffee tastes better if you clip the lid of the tupperware thingy on properly.
  • The two exquisite lengths of silk that I bought in Bangkok in 1997 are probably never going to be made into garments that I would go outside in.
  • There is not enough space in this house for all the stuff I want to keep. (I knew this already.)
  • The funeral of a 90-year-old is a lot easier to go to than the funeral of a 54-year-old.
  • The lemon tree quite likes Dynamic Lifter. Who knew.
  • That iris is not, after all, dead.


Lefty E said...

Its funny timing, Pav. I was just thinking last night how absolutely nothing in the last week made me want to write a post.

WV: 'monslump'.

No kidding - these things are eerie.

Bernice said...

Lemon trees also like urine. But foxes don't. Unfortunately the tomatoes are not near the lemon tree. Sigh.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Isn't it only male human pee? Some special hormone or other?

WV: coplia. Uncanny.

Nabakov said...

"It really is true that work expands to fill the time available."

On the other hand if you set out to goof off, it's amazing how much work you can avoid.

"Isn't it only male human pee? "

I think it's more a case of male pee having a more convenient delivery system for such purposes.

Bernice said...

That, Mr Nabakov, is why God gave us buckets.

Bernice said...

Further, please read this article from the Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry, Oct 2007.

All your questions answered.

Nabakov said...

"That, Mr Nabakov, is why God gave us buckets."

God also distilled in us the gift of spontaneity, especially at 3am, stumbling through a large unkempt garden back to the glowing dining room after a smoko, lugging a bladder the size and tautness of a basketball.

Music break!

Helen said...

Instilled, Nabs, ya boozehound!

Pavlov's Cat said...

Heh, I think he really did mean distilled.

Surely there is at least one LOLwalrus joke to be inserted at this point. But probably not 'NOOOOO, they be stealin my bukkit!'

Nabakov said...

Ms Cat is correct. At 3am during a very spirited dinner party it's the distillation and not the instillation that really plays it part in human affairs.

Speaking of which, will y'all be joining Zoe and the rest of of us at the Standard in Fitzroy from 7pm onwards this Friday? To get "motizat" - this comment's WV captcha thingy.

Nabakov said...

"But probably not 'NOOOOO, they be stealin my bukkit!'"

"When I haz no bukkit, I txt Bukkitman! He comes rite over!. Wiz bukkit!"

Fuck me, this WV captcha thingy you've got going on here reads comments even before they are posted.

The one for this comment is "endersa" as in "Walrus endersa Bukkitman!"

Pavlov's Cat said...

I would have liked v much to see youse all at the Standard, but (as is my usual practice) have already filled the weekend with as many reunions with old Melbourne mates from old Melbourne days as it will hold. Let us hope for everyone's sake that the Standard has no lemon tree.