Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday: To Do

  • Get up after less than 5 hours' sleep, knowing you will not go back to sleep and wondering why you have suddenly become insomniac: tick
  • Finish current work novel (including over breakfast): tick
  • Travel right across town to spend two minutes getting my fringe cut so I don't have to peer at the Governor-General through it in two weeks' time (nearly every weekday between now and then being taken up with 9-5 meetings) at the Admiralty House launch of this book, of which I am a contributing editor: tick
  • Buy sheer anklets for trying on girlie shoes: tick
  • Buy girlie shoes (see Admiralty House): FAIL
  • Visit Papa Cat and be shouted at about the River Murray and the Rann Government for an hour and a half (Papa Cat is back in finer form than ever after his recent health whoopsie): tick
  • Plan bulb planting (oops, typed 'blub planting'. That too): tick
  • Plant bulbs: tick
  • Sear lamb shanks, add onion, garlic, tomato and red wine, put in oven: tick
  • Wash jumpers: tick
  • Solve mystery of Amex card activation: tick
  • Activate Amex card: tick


  • Start next work novel
  • Read 100 pages of PhD thesis to be examined, take notes
  • Scan four book covers and attach them to emails
  • Unpack, check, sort, label and put away four postbags of new books (approx 20-30)
  • See if the one designer label (Peri Cutten) garment I own looks all right with the only dress I own that might conform to the vice-regal dress code. (It's an elegant black velvet jacket/coat thingy whose main claim to fame is that I once wore it to a dinner party where the partner of a very distinguished novelist was wearing the exact same garment except about four sizes smaller. We congratulated each other on our good taste, the only possible course of action in this situation.)
  • Find the brooch made of black and pink pearls -- homage to Max Beerbohm's Zuleika Dobson -- and loops of silvery gauze ribbon that will liven up the Peri Cutten a little, and the matching earrings
  • Try yet again to find said dress code online and check if black is acceptable (it might not be; they seem quite strict. For instance, apparently you can't carry a handbag with a shoulder strap; it's a clutch or nothing. The expression 'clutch shudder' took on a whole new meaning this afternoon when I looked at how much some of them cost)
  • Write and send cheque (charity)
  • Write and send invoice (work pay)
  • Write and sent email about aircon servicing (aircon servicing)

And finally, and most importantly, fit all of this around the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. Priorities, people.


Deborah said...

The expression 'clutch shudder' took on a whole new meaning this afternoon when I looked at how much some of them cost)

Could lend! I have a bluey-greyish-silvery-pearly (vaguely) thing, with a handle, BUT NOT A STRAP, that could go very nicely with the loops of silvery gauze ribbon.

Anna Winter said...

Perhaps a nice satin boiler suit, with a pearl choker. GG will approve, I'm sure.

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

Both of these sound very fetching, in their different ways. Deborah, tempted, very tempted -- but I had better say to you what I said to my sister, also offering a handbag loan, this afternoon -- I'm so used to a shoulder bag that any other kind is in grave danger of being put down and left somewhere. Anna, yes, perhaps, though a satin boiler suit is perhaps not an entirely appropriate getup for a traditionally built lady of mature years. If you are Anna from LP, you will know what I mean when I say that I am also not Presbyterian.

WV -- jurney. How true.

Chris said...

maybe it's like not being allowed to wear shoe laces into prison - they're afraid you're going to try to neck yourself with the handbag strap when their evil plan to make you feel like you're wearing somebody else's skin (Princess Mary's? Maggie Thatcher's? That very uptight principal of the school i attended in 1986's?) for the duration of the apparently anachronistic function.

Perhaps you should sneak in some rope.

Anonymous said...

Re priorities: first and always first "Write up work invoice and submit". Did mine first thing this morning. Felt much better afterwards.

Perry Middlemiss

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

Yep, that one's done!

Anonymous said...

They ask you to scan covers? They simply ask me to direct them to webpages where the covers are...
Anon from Melb in case they are reading this.

Anna Winter said...

Yes, it was me - not sure why it stopped putting my whole ID!

If any brave ladies out there use my idea then I hope there will be photos.

Suse said...

I narrowly missed spraying my keyboard with tea when I read 'clutch shudder'.

Also, I hope the distinguished novelist's wife isn't expected to be present this time?

lucy tartan said...

Maybe you could tuck the shoulder strap of a bag in underneath the flap. What a stupid rule. The brooch sounds beautiful.

Nabakov said...

"Plan bulb planting (oops, typed 'blub planting'. "

If you were a crap reviewer ,someone could make a joke about "blurb planting". But not me.

Also you're not a crap reviewer which highlights that I have absolutely no hook for seeding this thread with the phrase "blurb planting" beyond the fact I just thought of it.

What the hell, have a funny photo instead.

And the word verification for this comment? "ridation" - which ought be a real word. Perhaps for the process of disposing of old nuclear power plant cores. Or used by the young lady in the photo above as she writes up a report on her science project.

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...


Scary URL, but.

WV is psubi, which sounds sort of like the URL.