Friday, July 24, 2009

Unfortunately, Alexander McCall Smith is already married

From Corduroy Mansions:

7. Proustian-Jungian Soup

Caroline thought: It's odd, sitting here, letting one's mind wander, and who should come into it but Tim Something, of all people. Strange.

She had not seen him for two years; her photograph had appeared in Rural Living during her last year at Oxford Brookes and then there had been a gap year in New Zealand looking after the children of a family who lived in Auckland (whose fifteen-year-old son had made a pass at her; fifteen!) Now here she was doing her Master's in Fine Art, sitting in a lecture on seventeenth-century Dutch painting, and a photographer whom she barely knew -- and rather disliked -- suddenly came into her mind. It was odd, but that was how the human mind was: a Proustian-Jungian soup of memories and associations.

Proustian-Jungian; she rather liked the term, and might use it in one of her essays.


iODyne said...

I love him madly too.
He is a genius.
Mm. Precious Ramotswe's attitude to life is a lesson to us all.

His Very Terrible Orchestra* is beyond brilliant.

(*yes I have heard of the Portsmouth Sinfonia, but Sandy is more adorable)

Suse said...

I do like his Precious Ramotswe very much. Not sure I've read any of his others.

You sound very busy, but I blogged a youtube clip the other day, with you, Laura, Isabelle and other cat lovers very much in mind. I hope it makes you smile.

M-H said...

I'm presently working my way through the 44 Scotland St series. His 'simplicity' is so brilliant it takes my breath away. But I don't like Isabel Dalhousie. She really irritates me, and her baby is not real.