Thursday, December 31, 2009

To Do list on this Blue Moon New Year's Eve

TO DO (in order of importance)

Pull oneself together

Accept the fact that it's going to be 41 degrees today and suck it up; everybody's hot

Finish and file weekly book reviews column

Make Eton Mess for fourteen (go out in the heat and buy more eggs because one is an idiot and forgot; make meringues; hull, slice and Kirsch-macerate strawberries; whip cream)

Work out appropriate bowls and plastic containers for transportation and serving of said Mess

Run a load of washing including half of tonight's outfit

Check the rest of tonight's outfit, bearing in mind that there's going to be a cool change in the middle of the event which may involve the hand-washing of a pashmina, and do necessary ironing etc

Cover up the lemon tree or all the lemons and leaves will get scorched

Call father for weekly yarn

Wonder, given the full-on car park rage hissy fit at 8.23 am (see 'forgot eggs', above), what sort of state one will be in by the end of tonight's six-hour* dinner
*well, it was last year

Meditate on art, age and womanhood. Here's Joni Mitchell at around 50, no backup (and almost no makeup), singing about a blue moon, which is what it is tonight: the second full moon in a single calendar month. 'Night Ride Home' is a happy love song, which for Joni is a blue moon event. Look at the length of her fingers, and the expression on the face of the little dude watching her right at the end.

And a very happy New Year to all.


Barry Leiba said...

Happy new year, Kerryn, from one who's some half-day behind you folks on it.

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

Thank you, and back atcha!

Elisabeth said...

Joni Mitchell is encouraging in the face of all there is to do: tasks to complete, life to live, food to cook, clothes to wash, people with whom to connect.

You wonder why we do it, but we do and blogging adds to the mix. Ahh for a bit of tension in life, I love it and it's fairly obvious you do, too.

My best wishes to you and your complex and busy life.

As I have said elsewhere and several times already today, 'Roll on 2010' - a good year in the making.

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

Elisabeth, thank you, and all the best for 2010.

But no, I never wonder why I do it. My only regret is all the boring stuff one must do, like the washing and the shopping, in among the good stuff, like writing and cooking and playing with cats and singing and dressing up and seeing people.

Actually I even quite like the washing and the shopping. If only someone else would do the vacuuming, clean the bathroom, put a match to the clutter of ancient books and papers and buy and set up a new computer and TV for me, I'd be a happy woman.

Tim said...

That, I think, is my favourite Joni Mitchell song. Funnily enough, I saw her do it for the first time on Ray Martin's Midday show back in the dim distant past, just like this, her and a guitar. The only thing I like more than her singing it is hearing my wife sing it while I plod along on guitar beside her. Totally relate to the look on that guy's face.

Have a great New Year, Kerryn. Let's catch up soon...

Meredith said...

Thanks for this post Kerryn and for all your others this year. I am richer for knowing you.

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

Oh, what a lovely thing to say. And I you, Meredith, and all my bloggy mates.

Bernice said...

Happy New Year Ms PC.

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a had a wonderful at six hour (at least!) dinner party.

And thank you for all your posts this year. I love them all, whether you are sharing bits of your life, or brilliantly putting Tony Abbott in his place.

Happy New Year!

Amanda said...

Happy new year, Kerryn.

I won't admire her long fingers if that is OK as I am having my 32nd attempt at learning the guitar and as my fingers are stubby and disobedient I prefer not to be reminded of my inevitable lack of success. I've never been really able to enjoy Joni for some reason but I saw Love Actually -- which was dreadful -- yesterday and bought her jazzed up version of Both Sides Now from the soundtrack off iTunes.

On the topic of songs about blue moons, I commend Once in a Very Blue Moon. I prefer Chris Smither's version but Nanci Griffith does a good one too:

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

Thanks for nice messages, and a Happy New Year to all.

Tim: Mrs Tim must be very good -- that interval between 'some' and the first syllable of 'surrealist' is a ninth, if my ears do not deceive me, with no change of register, and totally counter-intuitive with it. Must dust off the guitar and have a go. 'Twould be excellent to catch up -- let's try for a day when the forecast maximum temp is under, oh, say, 45.