Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Twitterature: some highlights

From Macbeth

Banquo seems to have died in the forest. Oh well!

From Hamlet


From Emma

Jane and Frank were together all along? Who saw that one coming? Good thing I was never interested. Not in the least.

From Frankenstein

I'm definitely not responsible for this.

From Anna Karenina

Alright, twenty rubles says that I can toss my bag in the air, run across the tracks, and catch it before the train arriv–

From Mrs Dalloway

On a side note, has anybody noticed that @Septimus's posts have become a little erratic since the war ended?

From In Cold Blood

My Southern background and career as a New York literary homosexual will no doubt win me the trust and favor of these Midwestern farmers.

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Zoe said...

Have you seen this particularly genius Pride and Twitterverse"