Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It had better be today ...

Waiting around to see who won the election has been edifying. Half the country must surely be better educated in the nature of the Westminster system and the democratic process than we were two weeks ago.

But most of us, I believe, are over it. The Independents are now saying we'll know by early afternoon, so let's hope they mean it. I'll be in a meeting, so I hope someone in the building is keeping tabs and will come and let us know.

When Howard won in 1996 (just mosey on down to the end of the porch there where the other rocking chair is and fetch me mah Zimmer frame, sonny, if ya would), I remember thinking that it was actually quite interesting to have a clear ideological enemy in charge of the country, and that I knew exactly what I would be resisting and why. But he and his mob looked as though they could at least run the country with a modicum of competence, and in spite of the horrible though predictable way they systematically ran down education, health and women's rights among other things, got us into wars we didn't have much right or reason to get into and white-anted our better natures by playing to our basest prejudices and fears, they were. Competent, I mean.

This time round I am a-beggin' and a-prayin' that the country boys will (unlike practically every other politician in the country, but in accordance with the way they have been talking) focus that long-paddock gaze to see beyond their own immediate self-interest, and go with the least worst option. Back in '96 when Howard got in, I was not a happy rabbit. But at least I wasn't scared.

UPDATE: 11.04 am, hitting 'refresh' on the ABC's 'Just In' news still yielding no result so far. Fair enough; they said this afternoon. But if I were a betting woman, I'd say we're in for another election.

UPDATE #2: 3.27 pm. OH THANK GOD!


Bernice said...

Well in the interests of not chewing off all my extremities, I have left the house, gone electronic gizmo shopping, returned, played with gizmos, and am back to chewing off extremities. For exactly the reason PC has so cruelly pointed out - if we want to see what incompetent ideologues are capable of, exhibit a: George Bush Jnr. Yay.

Anonymous said...

Don't think there'll be another election. NO.
Those Indies are revelling in the power and their incredible bargaining position, and they'll no want to lose that.
Will I get struck by lightning if I say Katter was impressive on Q&A last night? For the first time, I realised his off-putting and perpetual sneer is because he's so fucking angry at the way his constituents have fared at the hands of the big two parties, and at being scorned so universally and for so long.
The rest of last night's panel seemed lightweights in comparison.
Okay — I'm standing back so youse can all shout at me ...


Elsewhere007 said...

yeah, but even another election is a sobering prospect...people may have become even more used to the idea of Abbott as PM.

(i agree, tho, that another one seems imminent, whatever happens).

Stephanie said...

Finally, a government. And one that does not require me to immediately move to New Zealand. Great relief. Great, gusting sighs of relief. Thank you, universe.

JahTeh said...

I'd love to celebrate but I've just been to Latrobe and they haven't finished counting there, still very close and a key seat.
Still I'm happy that the Mad Katter is where he should be, right behind Abbott.

lauredhel said...

"For the first time, I realised his off-putting and perpetual sneer is because he's so fucking angry at the way his constituents have fared at the hands of the big two parties,"

He's angry at the way some of his constituents have fared. Other constituents, including those who are at 3-4 times the suicide risk of the genereal population, he pigheadedly ignores and denies the existence of. For someone who claims to care about rural suicide rates, he is deeply and wilfully ignorant.

Between that and the oh-so-hilarious jokes about prostitution jokes and "mongoloid"s, I'm unimpressed. To say the least.

Chris Grealy said...

Facebook was very very busy at the time of the announcement. Lots of "yes yes yes" and "phew" and "breathe out". Lots of happy smiley faces. I do love it.