Friday, December 24, 2010

Have a good one

9.40 pm and the presents are wrapped and the cards written on. The prawns have been cleaned and so has the toilet. The tablecloth has been ironed and so has tomorrow's outfit. The trifle has been made and so have the mayonnaise and the seafood sauce, the gazpacho and the salsa.

But why, oh why, did I not do the wretched vacuuming about eight hours ago, before my feet started to hurt?

Never mind. A little Christmas blogging before the last big housework push.

Cats and music, what's not to like? Many, many merries to all.


genevieve said...

oh wasn't he JUST THE BOMB. He gets better every time.
I was lucky enough to hear him sing one of the chaps in Cosi not so long ago (sadly, can't remember which one he was. The program will be at my daughter's house, probably.)Such a beautifully produced lyric tenor voice. We should all be so bloody lucky.

Hope you had a lovely day - it all sounds damn delicious.

genevieve said...

meaning, of course, DH's rendition of Jerusalem on Friday evening. Bewdiful. Will enjoy your clip after dinner though.

Mindy said...

Hope you had a happy and uneventful day Dr Cat.

Marshall Stacks said...

"what's not to like?"
that christmas cat looks like he is not totally thrilled, so there must be something.
Bless you one and all.

Anonymous said...

Great photo, and hope you had a very jolly holiday.

In a sort of Borgesian mood from time to time, (which the cat photo has prompted), sometimes I like to ponder the queer differential of what various terrestrial creatures know, or at least think they know, about what's going on around them.

"Ask a dog what is happening.
Go ahead, ask him."
-- John Ashbery

For instance your cat in the picture is quite content in your household; he (or she) knows you well, looks up to you, is content to try and please you by sitting still in the chair whilst you take the magical photograph.

But the cat knows nothing of digital photography, or of blog posts; still less of the distant unimaginable land of North America, where a total stranger sits in an easy chair halfway around the world (the globe being something the cat also cannot conceive of) after a massive snowstorm (!!, as it were), looking at the cat's picture and then typing a philosophical, mildly tedious blog comment about cats and epistemology on a mobile device.

Huh. Go figure.

It's thoughts like these that always bring me a wry smile, when people tell me they can prove through paltry human logic that there isn't any God.

It's like when I read Su Tung-p'o in translation, and think When this guy was writing, the English language didn't even exist yet, and he had no inkling of where Columbia University, home of his future translator Burton Watson, would be.

Which is a reminder to all to read, if you can, Su's glorious "Two Prose Poems on the Visit to Red Cliff". You'll be glad ya did.

Well, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and all that good stuff!

-- j_p_z

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

Thanks all; I hope you had a good Christmas. I am still recovering from mine.

JPZ,agreed about the mysteries of feline, canine etc consciousness. (NB I nearly captioned this photo Feline Navidad, but common sense prevailed.)