Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another dollop of the cream of British acting stirred into the Potterathon

So, hands up who recognised the lovely and talented Ciarán Hinds, aka Captain Wentworth in the most excellent movie version of Persuasion in the mid-1990s,

as Albus Dumbledore's brother Aberforth

in the eighth and final Harry Potter movie. (And what an excellent movie it is.)

I keep telling people 1953 was a good year.


librarygirl said...

He is GORGEOUS. That is all.

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...


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Lynne said...

Did anyone see him as Julius Caesar in the HBO series "Rome"? Wonderful!

JahTeh said...

Some of the vitriol I've read lately about the Potter books and films has had me wondering what would have been said had Disney Productions filmed the franchise.

The films are enjoyable because of the great British actors and I love that Aberforth had his heroic moment in the last film.

Barbara Temperton said...

Aberforth can sweep me off my feet anytime. So looking forward to seeing the final installment ... just have to find a town that has a cinema!

Anonymous said...

Ciaran Hinds also played the terrifying "Mr. Lockhart" in the Broadway production of the terrifying (and hilarious, it's a yin/yang thang) Conor McPherson play "The Seafarer". If you don't know McPherson's stuff, run don't walk to get your hands on "The Seafarer," "Saint Nicholas," and his masterpiece "The Weir".

Ciaran Hinds reminds me a bit of Ian MacShane playing Teddy in "Sexy Beast.". For my money that performance trumped Ben Kingsley by a country mile.

And I hope you're using "British" in its correct historical sense... sniff sniif.

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