Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shock, horror: atheist witches not hypocrites

In what parallel universe does it qualify as "news" that the Prime Minister and the Governor-General didn't go to church?

Can you imagine how the joyful, nay, orgasmic cries of 'Hypocrite' would have rung round the walls of The Australian's offices if Julia Gillard, who once, when asked by some journalist, readily agreed that yes she was indeed an atheist, had fronted up at church? They must have been really disappointed that she wasn't there.

What next, a trial? As Kate Grenville once said, the test is, if they drown. And if they don't drown, then that proves that they are indeed witches, and you get to burn them at the stake instead.


Elisabeth said...

That witch test is the true test of integrity, is it not? Works every time.

Personally, I rather like the idea of an atheist PM.

M-H said...

You have to make sure you dry them out properly first, or the fire keeps going out.

Although having read Wolf Hall, I'm not sure that's true The slower the fire took hold the better the burning was considered, it seems. Horrific stuff.

Armagny said...

Ay. It's appalling that church rituals and events continue to be conflated with high office in this country at all.

Bernice said...

As fellow Pratchett fans are aware, the witch-finder and teacher, Miss Tick, puts a goodly sum of energy into spreading the rumour that the best way to deal with a witch is to throw her into a pond. As all fit & prepared witches carry at least one straw upon themselves at all times, this ensures satisfaction for all.

Perhaps both the PM & GG should start wearing tshirts stating "Is it the truth or did you read it in a Murdoch paper?"

iODyne said...

I am sure I have read somewhere, of a definite movement in Victoria in the 19thC, to separate churches and the State completely. My reading must have been related to a vicar, Frances Cusack-Russell, and he must have unfortunately, prevailed. Life was tough in those days, and people needed something, anything, to cling to.
Now, we know more and better than to practise cultisms.