Friday, December 31, 2010


1: Two of the nicest people I ever met live in a place called Gargunnock in Scotland. I'd lost touch with them, and a few weeks ago was idly googling Gargunnock plus their names as the quickest way of finding them. The first thing that came up was a notice to a walking-tour group that for one of their walks through the area, my friends had offered their house as a place to stop for a loo break and a cup of tea. That offer was what made me absolutely sure it was them.  Then, a few weeks later, up turned a beautiful little Christmas card from them. I remember them telling me that in Scotland, New Year -- Hogmanay -- tends to be a bigger deal than Christmas so one of my New Year's resolutions is to write them a New Year's letter.

2: Five minutes' drive away from my house there is a lovely beach. I resolve to go and swim there in the early morning at least three times a week, as a way of waking up and getting everything moving, before I sit down at the keyboard to

3: finish writing this book about Adelaide. Which I am enjoying very much, but which -- as a New Zealander recently said about living in Adelaide itself -- is like trying to swim through treacle. And speaking of sweet things,

4: I am going to christen, at last, possibly today, the ice-cream maker, and make Fresh Cherry and Toasted Almond Ice Cream to go with the experimental (for me, I mean) Burnt Brown Sugar Ice Cream I also plan to make, from a recipe I like the look of very much but have never actually made, though perhaps bypassing the praline as it is much too hot to be faffing around with toffee, before I then

5: go on a diet of fresh fruit, raw vegetables, mineral water and peppermint tea for the rest of my life. Or at least until January 25, 2012 (this January being out of the question, because of #3), by which date I plan to have

6: finally got my act together and organised a Burns Supper, with compulsory singing and poetry recitation from all parties. Haggis optional; the haggis cowards can fill up on neeps and tatties and Tipsy Laird.

Happy New Year to all, and everyone stay safe tonight.


Ann ODyne said...

Scots wha hae!
Traditionally the first person through one's door on Hogmanay must bring a piece of coal.
My Milne family landed in Adelaide 1854 from Mortlach on the Fiddich.
Good luck with your worthy resolutions.

genevieve said...

Safety indeed. I have a young one camping at a festival tonight with a population roughly the same as MU's student population in 1980. Or thereabouts. Natch, he did not tell me how many people were going.And they have a gazebo, so I guess they will be popular.
I will be safely at home drinking viognier though. Happy New Year, PC.

Meredith Jones said...

Very very happiness to you for 2012, and loved those segues.

Lucy Sussex said...

I'm not sure I am an early morning exercise person, although I'm currently trying it. Tends to make me sleepy the rest of the day, although I did stay awake for THE KING'S SPEECH (great film). Somewhere I read that the body hits a peak around 5 pm. Which turns out to be my preferred exercise time.
Happy 2011!

Elisabeth said...

Happy New year and enjoy those resolutions. I refuse to make any myself, but I admire those who do, especially those who keep them.

Deborah said...

Early morning swims! You're a braver woman than me. I'm making a quiet resolve about early morning walks, which I find set me up very nicely for the day. I have also resolved to drink more herbal teas, instead of having another glass of wine.

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

Only in the summer, Deborah, only in the summer.

Besides, I haven't actually done it yet ...