Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tony Abbott, family man

It's perfectly all right to parade your daughters around to prove you're a straight, clean-living family man. But on the other hand, everyone knows that giving birth is icky secret women's business. Those wussy football clubs whose players and officials don't think twice about stars missing a grand final if their partners are in labour, or indeed Ricky Ponting missing the second Test in Sri Lanka, are just pansies and need to grow a pair.

Whoops, did someone say 'pair'? Not if Daddy Tony has anything to do with it.

Tony Abbott. The go-to guy for all that is spiteful, punitive, hypocritical and mean of spirit.



Mindy said...

"We have made it crystal clear that only in the most extraordinary circumstances will pairs be offered for the carbon tax vote,"

This man thinks he is fit to run this country. SPIT.

Fortunately 68% of people who voted in the SMH poll agree this would be a nasty decision.

Liam said...

I'd thought we'd just about plumbed the depths, but even I'm surprised at this one. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Actually I think the word you were after was "Shit".

You know the ALP gave him a pair so he could attend the anti-carbon tax rally?

Elephant's Child said...

You summed him up beautifully. And this, if recent polls are accurate, is our preferred prime minister? Aaaargh.

sepi said...

Stupid as well. He made this statement in Thompson's own electorate...way to alienate the locals.

Story has now been amended tho, and slightly softened - perhaps tone's advisers have convinced him the tough line was too much on this occasion,.

firstkitten said...

spit indeed.

R.H. said...

Footy players will miss playing in a Grand Final to attend a birth?


Penelope said...

Lucky it wasn't a female parliamentarian due to give birth during the carbon tax debate. (Somehow I think he'd relent then. A little too confronting.)

Good to see he's been forced to change his mind due to public pressure.

paul walter said...

There are two flaws with Mr.Abbott, that disqualify him from the high pinnacles of political life, certainly as to state personship.
These are lack of imagination and lack of empathy.
I'd really love a closer look at any info on his charted or chartered personality pathology in any sort of definitive way?