Wednesday, January 11, 2012

'You don't have to rely on a healthy body image or self-respect any more'


Link said...

I'm having increasing problems with all this stuff! I quite like make-up it can be fun. I don't wear a lot and I don't wear it every day. But I have noticed when I don't wear make-up I am more 'invisible' and actually treated more dismissively than usual by men.

I think if all women stopped wearing make-up, there would be quite a shift in how we are treated. First would come a shock and then a sober realisation by men, that we are not from some other planet. I don't think after a while we would be seen as less attractive. However, I cannot see this idea gaining traction anytime soon. Make-up, especially eye make up can make you look completely different and I don't doubt some men have never seen some women without it. We live in a culture governed to and completely pandering to the male gaze.
Sorry for that rant. Have you seen this?:

Casey said...

Far out, those eyelashes looked like an infestation of black house spiders.

Elisabeth said...

And we're supposed to live our lives in this virtual space, I suppose. This is horrifying. Talk about creating a world of body dysmorphia. What's wrong with being ourselves?

Elephant's Child said...

Yes it is scary but I much prefer it to women feeling obligated to start procedures in their late twenties like botox and collagen implants before undergoing ongoing plastic surgery.
I am invisible - no make-up, no botox, no surgery. And I quite like it.

paul walter said...

Ha,ha. Now we know "the secret"- yet again.

MsDiMona said...

Loved it, the AdoBAY pronunciation was especially hilarious.

Frances said...

Is it true that the Aust W. W. is partly owned by a coven of Los Angeles plastic surgeons, hence the excessive face/body photo shopping in it?
And, does anyone else wonder whether the photo of Alan Kohler on "Business Spectator" has been photoshopped, or if he has had "treatments"? Odd, if so, because it has none of the age and experience lines that give his comments authority.

paul walter said...

Devastating insight, Frances. Early candidate for later award.

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase Mister Zappa, satire isn't dead, it just smells funny.

Seriously though, that was hilarious and wickedly on point. Who is our young genius filmmaker?


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