Thursday, January 15, 2009

'AMA v nurses' says

Well, there's a no-brainer.

Carn the nurses.


M-H said...

As someone who lives with an academic-who-used-to-be-nurse I'm with you. Those nurses at Westmead have been made the patsies for the failure of the hospital administration to adequately staff the emergency department. They weren't trained to do what they were doing, and the emergency medical staff had signalled that to the administration more than once. But they were cheaper than doctors would have been.

That AMA woman is a shrill and silly piece. The two last presidents were pompous and silly pieces. I wonder why no doctor with any presence and sensitivy and media-savviness seems to stand for AMA positions any more, hmmm?

Pavlov's Cat said...

One of my sisters is a nurse and the other has always worked for doctors or in medical centres. I'm not anti-doctor as such by any means, but given the political orientation of the AMA, it's not a hard one to choose sides for.

Helen said...

I'm told Capolingua is simply in the position as part of a game plan to go into politics, M-H.

WV = mentecal

lauredhel said...

Well, I _am_ a doctor, and I'm all about "Carn the nurses" in this one. And "Carn the midwives" in the parallel battle going on.

Capolingua strikes me as right-wing Catholic who has been carrying on a paint-by-numbers political campaign for a long time. I've not seen much in the way of critical thinking coming from her PR releases for a long, long time. Just common or garden variety turf wars and scolding.

And you know how I feel about Roman Catholic medicine.