Thursday, January 8, 2009

I would if I could

It's way past time for Very Serious Post to prove I am Very Serious Blogger. What should it be? The Middle East (about which I know far too little to have an interesting opinion and yes I know that doesn't stop some people)? The Windschuttle hoax (chortle snort clasps hands over mouth: two words, Windy, 'hoist' and 'petard')? The approaching presidential inauguration? Poor old Matt Hayden? The water crisis, brought home to me anew on the day after Boxing Day in the form of a stench so appalling when I got out of the car at the end of a 2 km gravel road to look at the almost-dead Coorong that I was sufficiently discombobulated to lock myself out of my car in the blazing sun in the middle of nowhere? (That one's a blog post all by itself. Smashing a tinted car window with a rock isn't as easy as you'd think.)

So much to blog about, so little time.

*Goes back to the 20-minutes-each alternating between the 1500 pages of proofreading and the 700-page biography for review, now both overdue*


M-H said...

But most of the comments on the Windschuttle thing are so serious that they more than balance our frivolity, no? No? I'm sure the writers would be surprised to read that. They've all got their Serious Blogging Hats on.

Penthe said...

I though the whole tooth thing sounded serious enough.

*back to chortling about Windschuttle*

Ann oDyne said...

experienced car thieves always smash a REAR window so they don't have to sit on broken glass to drive it off.
I am sure you were this wise.

skepticlawyer said...

I'm waiting for the detailed version of the window-breaking exercise, PC. The short version at LP was pretty impressive just for a taster.

Re Windschuttle: our server has discovered over the last few days what a link from the SMH, the Age and the Oz on the same day means. Jacques deserves a medal for managing to somehow keep us online.

Doorbitch: coase; entirely appropriate, of course.