Thursday, January 15, 2009

So what are you doing in July?

The Minding Animals conference in Newcastle looks like an absolute blinder: interdisciplinary, international, brilliantly well organised if the website is anything to go by, and featuring a number of seriously heavy hitters from a number of different disciplines. I'm having a major think about going to this; my biggest problem will be, erm, abandoning the cats for a whole week. I mean, I'll be abandoning them to the tender mercies of the sweet young vet and his nice nurses and his doubtless superior boarding facility. But still.


The Paradoxical Cat said...

So which category do people who blog with a cat persona, fit under?


Fine said...

Thanks Pav. I'm sort of absentmindedly researching a documentary about the relationship between people and dogs and this might be for me.

Elsewhere007 said...

How many cat-blogging subs d'you think they'll get?

Do you think Lulu could put up her paw to be a conference poster girl, despite her track record for environmental devastation?