Monday, February 23, 2009

Waiting for the other shoe to drop

From today's online Age:

"Peter Costello is one of the most distinguished Liberals to grace the Parliament in the party's existence," Senator Minchin said.


Jan said...

The sad thing is that he's right. Just shows what foul dross the rich men's party has always been.

Jan said...

I probably should have added that I agree with Hewson about the smirk. He's loathesome.

Amanda said...

Before the last election, in an official capacity, I attended a stop then Trez Costello and Turnbull made at one of the more disgustingly overendowed private schools in Mal's electorate (180 degree Harbour views from the school swimming pool!)

They were talking to a group of business/economic year 11/12 students. So they were playing a very very straight bat -- even a couple of weeks before an election its not done to be seen to be politicising a high school event.

Costello's speech was very straight down the line, conventional wisdom about economics, nothing remotely partisan, and deliberately so. AND YET. He still had that exact same smirk. I used to think it was him being an arrogant smarmy pollie but now I know even at his most sincere he cannot help it. He just cannot help it.

Anonymous said...

Good old Nick, always one for a laugh.

Perry Middlemiss

Bernice said...

It's true and it's wonderful. A thought to keep one warm on a winter's night.