Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Short memory dept

Mungo McCallum in today's Crikey:
Once again Malcolm Turnbull is appealing to Gough Whitlam for help.

Kevin Rudd’s proposal to broadband Australia is, he says, on the same scale as the wish-list of the great spendthrift, and we all know where that left Australia.

Well, we all know where it left Malcolm Turnbull; sailing through a free university course to a life of unimaginable opulence. You’d think he would be more grateful.


Bwca Brownie said...

Well said. Spot-on. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

It's the way they keep talking about it being a project with a budget the scale of bridges/railways/highways as if the internet is fictional, or at least frivilous, and therefore does not require infrastructure that causes yelling at the telly in our house. Despite all the years of free tertiary education between them, the parliamentary Liberals seem totally unable to comprehend that getting our intertubes up to date is vital for very 'Liberal' things like foreign trade, as well as 'Labor' things like health care and education.

Caroline said...

I was actually looking for Lillith's Stars, when I stumbled upon the Echo where a weekly (most anyway) dose of Mungo can be had. They also have quite interesting classifieds . . . n As a local rag it pisses all over my local Agravate. Comes 'out' on a Tuesday.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Brownie, I think, will remember Mungo in his young days writing pithily for the Nation Review in the early 1970s. And he has not lost his touch.

Helen said...

I remember him too!

Bwca Brownie said...

A nod to the wise old blogger is graciously accepted. I am sure there is a wiki online re Nation Review which morphed in Nation.
It had serious distribution challenges, so readers would rush allover Melb looking for any corner shop which might have it. The money or not, behind it came from Gordon Barton a strange entrepreneur who went into airfreight I think.
The writers were all great brave and funny - a rare thing in newsprint back then. and of course it had Mr Curley.
Vicious character assesment of MalconTurnbull in Conrad Black's autobiog. worth looking for.
some journo will quote it soon in the MSM and I can say I read that!
I gave my copy away or I would have transcribed it as a blogpost by now.
peace and love