Thursday, August 13, 2009

Reading the paper: depressing in every possible way

On page 5 of yesterday's Adelaide Advertiser:
A woman who stabbed her partner to death with 'excessive' force has been spared jail because of the years of domestic violence, abuse and torment she suffered at his hands.

And, on page 10:
The girlfriend of Melbourne Storm superstar Greg Inglis is standing by her man as he prepares to face court today on charges he allegedly assaulted her.


Elisabeth said...

Depressing it is indeed. Like all domestic tragedies, the tragedies of the everyday, reported as daily news without so much as a comment or thought about the repercussions.
I've stopped reading newspapers in depth as a consequence. There's too too much pain and too much spin in one direction or the other. Either we overemphasize or dramatise the event for about ten minutes or we ignore it.
In all there is not much time to process or think about the possible meaning of these events and their consequences. Hence we cannot see the patterns that form in our lives. And the age old struggles that continue along gender and generational lines.

kris said...

Oh that is sad.

I agree... it is an age old struggle. It is so sad that nothing changes... maybe the reasons why women stay in violent relationships is not necessarily economic nor self-worth... maybe it can be status as well? Who knows? I don't... thinking about this issue makes me dizzy.

Talking about it is really important though - thanks for bringing it up in such a simple way. It is not an issue that should be ignored because it is too hard to answer. I am really sad that it is this rugby idiots career and behavior that gets discussed and not why she feels the need to support him in a world of equal opportunity and self-empowerment...


Helen said...

Not to mention serial cucumber thieves.

Helen said...

Back on topic, there's a ridiculous article in The Punch (is there any other kind in The Punch though) on Matt Brown, who admitted to gyrating semi-nude Sacha Baron Cohen style at some NSW Labor right function. The woman he was accused of simulating sex with came out in support and said there were plenty of better looking women than her so it wasn't really likely was it

Link said...

Agree Elisabeth, indeed I always feel grimy and somehow unclean after reading the newspaper.

Stabbed him with excessive force? Is there some other way to stab someone?

I have a forlorn hope that paying for online news content will mean no one will, and thus herald in a death-knell for the media as we know it.