Monday, October 5, 2009

Blogiversary post: in praise of blokes

It's four years ago today since I tentatively followed the 2005 Blogger step-by-step instructions and eventually, to my own astonishment, set up my first blog Pavlov's Cat. (I have recently attempted with Blogger's much more sophisticated 2009 machinery to incorporate t'old blog in t'new blog, but I nearly broke my internets and have not been game to try again.)

By the time you get to your fourth blogiversary you need to think a bit in order not to start repeating yourself, so, looking back over the year's posts, I decided on a bit of linkage in celebration of the dudely side of life. As a woman, a blogger and a feminist, if not quite a 'feminist blogger' within the meaning of the act, not only am I often quite rude about blokes (though only when they deserve it) but I tend to write about women's work and women's lives, my own and other people's, public and private, on a weekly and sometimes even a daily basis, with the default focus on the female, as you might expect.

But this year some exceptional men have provided me with some exceptional moments (I'm sorry, I would have liked to have put that another way) and some hi-qual blog fodder. They include:


Barack Obama

Jon Stewart (I hope you can see this; I know some people can't)

Daniel Craig

Grandfather Goldsworthy

Roger Woodward and Johann Sebastian Bach

Samuel Taylor Coleridge


R.H. said...

Thanks for your writings, like all fair dinkum characters you don't know how entertaining you are.

Pavlov's Cat said...

I'll give you this, RH, you are very very skilful with ambiguity!

Happy to provide entertainment, even unwittingly.

R.H. said...

Not meant as a slight, never taking you for a fool. Genuine thanks.

Marshall-Stacks said...

Here (if the link works) is a blogday gift from me -

The (London) Telegraph
25 Sep 2009 by James Delingpole:
I wish I'd been at Australia House on Tuesday for the launch of
the 1464-page anthology The Literature Of Australia.
No, not normally I wouldn't, but I gather from those who were there that Clive James rather set the cat among the pigeons ...

(big boofy Cheshire-cat Clive is always thumping about in the pigeons.)

clarencegirl said...

Hope your blog continues for many years to come!
Always an enjoyable read.

Anonymous said...

Happy blogiversary!

I missed the first mention of Daniel Craig, but have just clicked on the link, and was momentarily a bit disoriented ...

So, cheers to the blog's capacity to constantly surprise, and to its fine conversation.

anon ed

Mitzi G Burger said...

Another Daniel Craig fan, hooray! Happy blog-birthday. I myself am approaching 300 posts but I should tally up the birthdays, seeing as how I love cake.

Liam said...

repeat as necessary