Thursday, October 8, 2009


So, will my Visitor stats hit 60,000 today? And if they do, will I get a special cookie?

UPDATE, 6.30 pm: Yes! All ur numberz are belong to us!


Deborah said...

I'll help... add one visit from me.

And would you like to have one of these delicious raspberry drops?

Pavlov's Cat said...

Ooh yum.

Those fruit and lolly kebabs look very sneaky to me. Do they eat the lollies and leave the fruit??

Deborah said...

Yes. Always. But at least I've tried to be a responsible mother.

Marshall-Stacks said...

while I am here merely to add 1, may I mention how important the 'No comment' is for a politician.

"Senior Liberal Ministers have condemned the RedFaces contestants ..." - when asked at a press conference, it was foolish of Helen Coonan to admit watching the show, and more foolish to have watched it.
that is all.

BwcaBrownie said...

SENIOR federal Liberal MPs say the Hey Hey skit deserved Harry Connick's mark of zero because it was "disgusting".

At a press conference Liberal Leader Malcolm Turnbull, Opposition Treasury spokesman Joe Hockey and Opposition Finance spokeswoman Helen Coonan shook their heads in dismay when quizzed about the show.

My non-Alpha Blog profile views since Feb 2005 are stuck on 7,200 so your 59K is pretty damn impressive for one year. Respect.

Ann oDyne said...


Keyser Trad is 'speaking out' on 'Islamic values being good for Australia' ?
Holy effing cow!

Suze said...

Of course, there are more visitors than readers, if you count those of us who read via a feed-redaer (ie Google reader in my case) but I have visited in order to help your numbers.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Suze, yes, little relationship to reality. I just like all those digits.

Anonymous said...

g'day PC

here is another number for you.

totally off topic, are you still working on your learning to read project,and have you heard of a book called "The greatest treasure of Charlemane the King"? It is a children's book By Nadia Wheatley and Deborah Klein about said monarch learning to read.


skepticlawyer said...

Very good, Pc. Numbers are good ;)