Thursday, October 15, 2009

Two things I've learned already today and it's not even lunchtime yet

(1) If you're trying to think through/develop/write a complicated argument about Aboriginal writing and its relationship to ideas about 'literary merit', a 180-word book review being written to deadline is not the place to do it, and anyway you're far better off waiting for your dear friend L, co-author of Intimate Horizons: The Post-Colonial Sacred in Australian Literature, to arrive tomorrow to give her seminar at Adelaide U so that you can pick her brains about the current state, if any, of academic debates around this question and her own ideas about it.

(2) Work really does expand to fill the time available.


Elisabeth said...

Or try stretching your mind around the subject of this afternoon's postgrad seminar where we talked about the uncanny and viewed video clips to get a taste of it. see:

Fascinating stuff.

Mindy said...

Work really does expand to fill the time available.

Even overflows it.

Deborah said...

Mindy beat me to it.

Capcha: yarrolot

Tatyana Larina said...

An interesting book, and the seminar sounds great as well. (The topic seems to resonate with some recent discussions about Aboriginal writing, literary merit and 'canonisation'.) It's always reassuring to consult with colleagues rather than battle on one's own. It's good to see that confirmed here.