Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Return of the Three Stooges

Just happened to catch Tony Abbott's press conference live, the one where he announced his reshuffled front bench. Didn't catch all of it, but here are three of the new faces:

Kevin Andrews
Bronwyn Bishop
Barnaby Joyce


Heh heh heh.

Tell you what, too, Mr Abbott, you know that thing you do with your rhetoric, where you say 'contest' or 'fight' or 'battlelines' or 'tough' or 'wimp' about once every 30 seconds? That's really really good. Excellent stuff. Keep doing that.

Also, you know the way you kept ostentatiously picking out and loudly naming female journalists in order to answer their questions? Most of us know you probably wouldn't have done that unless somebody had had a wee word in your shell-like about it beforehand. Wonder who it was.


newswithnipples said...

Then he cracked that joke - at least I think it was a joke - about Bishop being a good choice for seniors affairs because she's a senior, highlighting how old his new team is.

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

I'm not exactly wet behind the ears either, so I don't mind how old she is; it's the fact that she has been around long enough for everyone to know exactly what she's like and yet he's brought her back anyway.

Plus, of course, the fact that (a) it's a demeaning thing for him to do, make a mocking joke about one of his own restored frontbenchers, and (b) by that logic, he should have an immigrant fronting Immigration, a student fronting Education and a patient fronting Health.

Red Horse said...

There are 23 shadow cabinet members, including Mr Abbott. Three are women. I know, I know. I'm just pointing out the obvious (and to the converted, what's more).

In the absence of any better ideas about what to do (suggestions anyone?), I think I may write to a politician for the first time in my life. I live in a safe Labor seat (well I would, wouldn't I) but I suppose I can write my State's Liberal senators, expressing my misgivings.

Loved your previous post about Abbott, P's C. Keep it up! Have you approached Crikey.com for a gig there? I think I heard they were keen to get more women writing for them...

Ampersand Duck said...

Yairs, I had a huge guffaw too when he pointed out how Seniors would relate to Bishop because she was a Senior. LOL! People skills, my arse.

genevieve said...

Libs are completely dead in the water. Not such a bad thing, is it.

*irrisi* sounds like even Blogger is laughing (risible)

seepi said...

If you're a senior can you still be a loyal girl???

fifi said...

oh he is SO foul, and I sadly have to contend with him and his foul speedos and people falling over themslelves to call him "mate" on the beach. Oh yuk.
Actually I have Bronny also, but at least not Branaby Joyce, thankfully.

Actually, now I thik oof it, gives me the opportunity to drown him, does it not?

Loved the previous post, have copied it and sent it to friends. And my 16 year old daughter.

Anonymous said...

the one that really sent a shudder up my spine was phillip ruddock...

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

Yes, Ruddock is a worry, in fact he was in my original three stooges as one of the reruns from the Howard era, but I can't quite work out what, technically, his role will be or where he sits in the hierarchy -- I'm assuming it doesn't count as 'front bench' though.

A sort of eminence jaune, perhaps.

M-H said...

Doesn't he understand that these people were the reason his govt was dumped in the last election? Out of touch, arrogant, combative. It's not their age I mind, it's their 20thC attitudes and their sense of entitlement.

He says he's going to give the govt 'the fright of its life' - what, by re-enacting Night of the Living Dead?

Nabakov said...

Oh c'mon, give Tony credit for going green throught this great recycling initiative.

Acciording the comment doorbitch, he picked them all up at the "valedepot".