Saturday, January 16, 2010


Took me a while, but I eventually thought of something worth saying to say.


Ann ODyne said...

Haiti has been near to collapse for years before this disaster.
Film-maker Paul Haggis has documented it and galvanised the movie community to donate enough to build and run a hospital there. Read his article at Vanity Fair, which concludes:
"There are a couple of terrific organizations. Ours, Artists for Peace and Justice, of course. I pay all the costs, so any dollar they give, that dollar goes directly to the folks who can use it. In this case we’ll literally take the money down there and hand it to them. There’s a terrific team who deal very responsibly with this. They’re able to stretch a dollar like I’ve never seen it. So there are no operating costs. "

Ann ODyne said...

Sandra Bullock-James will probably give $1 million as she did the moment we heard of the Indonesian tsunami disaster, Leonard Cohen will no doubt be as generous as he was to the Victorian Bushfires Appeal, and here is the proper link to all the performers who finance the Haiti aid Artists For Peace And Justice.