Monday, January 11, 2010

Headline of the Month goes into draw for Headline of the Year

At a predicted 43 degrees today in Adelaide after an overnight "low" of 29, and I gather it is even worse for my Victorian mates, it's too hot to do anything except struggle to keep myself, the cats and lemon tree alive and try to be mindful of deadlines. Certainly too hot to think to blog. But this deadpan headline deserves maximum exposure.

Crime lord's dildo fell off in raid, court told


Elisabeth said...

It is hot here in Melbourne as you say Kerryn, disgustingly so. Though it's our first really disgusting day so far and you in Adelaide have already been through at least one, maybe two heat waves at this level so far.

Unlike those bloggers in Europe and in colder climes we can't post pictures of snow and ice. Somehow the hot dry land does not look so convincing, though bush fires do. Perish the thought.

fifi said...

Brilliant headline.

Ann ODyne said...

1. Yes the kitties need cool.

2. you are so correct - I loathe the term 'drug lord' glamourising crims (not that I have any respect for the other Lords)

3. well I have heard of dual-nationality, but holding official dual sexports is hilarious.

4. and Elisabeth rises above the mire by ignoring it.

The heat here in the paddocks was distressing the wild birds*** and I was stuck dumb that wrens, wagtails, and magpies all sat still for a hose spray with their beaks hanging open. The rain just came at 6pm and the thermometer I was holding dropped from 44 to 40 immediately.
*** actually the mountain ducks were frolicking in the dam.

genevieve said...

OMG. In my next life I'd like to be a subbie.

Anonymous said...

Another entry would be 'Ponting won't give up pulling', curently at

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

Oh dear.

Barbara Temperton said...

It's been lovely in Geraldton (Mid West WA) this week, after a slightly horrible start to summer, though I'm sure the heat will be back with us shortly. We should all spare a thought to regions in the south east of WA where temperatures have reached 47 degrees during the last week. Somewhere between 100-200 black cockatoos died several days ago at Hopetown, part of an endangered population. Check out