Monday, May 31, 2010

Another day, another blog

Loth to let the litblog thing go altogether, though one has tried and failed to keep it up at more than one site, one is having yet another go. Now that I've learned to export and import on Blogger, this newish blog incorporates all of Australian Literature Diary (2005-2010 on and off) and all (three whole months but gee it was fun while it lasted) of Ask the Brontë Sisters (May-July, 2007).

I originally called it 'Read, Write, Think' but on reflection decided that sends a terrible message, as one should think before one writes. It might be better entitled 'Read, Think, Write, Draft, Edit, Proof-read, Argue With Editor, Review, Fisk [which we of literary academe used to call 'close reading' before it began to be frowned on as ideologically unsound, and were taught, compulsorily and unrelentingly, to do many years before blogging was born or thought of, harumph, you kids get off my lawn, etc], Rave About Writers You Like and Whinge and Bitch About Other People's Terrible Ideas and Excruciating Spelling, Grammar and Style', but this should do to be going on with.

It's meant to be a sort of journal, in which track is kept of what I read and write from day to day, what I notice in the reviews pages, little magazines, trade journals and lit gossip columns, and what I hear from my mates. Much like this blog, in fact, except without the cooking and cats and gardening and Tony Abbott and so on. Whenever there's a new post over there, I'll put up a link from here.


Ampersand Duck said...

Wow, I love the word 'fisk'... why didn't you call the blog that? Never mind, I like the new title just as much. Noice piles of books, as well.

Huzzar! here's to new beginnings.


Peter said...

Heh, beat you to it!

We were enjoying the "derivative" post yesterday. Many thanks.

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

Duckie, thank you! *chink* back atcha.

Peter, yes, I thought I'd better actually put one or two new things up there before I sent people in that direction but observant types will have noticed reference to it in the sidebar -- well spotted!