Saturday, September 17, 2011

Classical music: an introduction

Thanks to the newly discovered (by me) wonders of Twitter I just found myself here, where the wonderfully gifted and possibly distantly related musician and writer Anna Goldsworthy has responded to a request from fellow authors Benjamin Law and Krissy Kneen that she provide them with a guide to classical music for beginners.

I particularly like the section on Schumann, the end of which reminds me of the scene in Peter Temple's The Broken Shore where Joe Cashin is lying in hospital gravely wounded and in unbearable pain and a nurse brings him an iPod or similar with Jussi Björling on it, and listening to Jussi Björling gets him through the night.


TimT said...

I just played the lovely Pearl Fisher's duet and it summoned our cat Beatrice in from the backyard where she'd been pouncing on night-birds, or whatever it is that they do out there in the garden at night. (She's very musical.)

Anonymous said...

Any chance, as someone who knows her books, that you might consider doing something similar along literary lines?

(Year 12 English was as far as I got)


Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

BS, I could, but it would bring the anti-canon brigade thundering down upon my defenceless head. Hmm. Might do it anyway. A Cheat's Guide to Eng Lit, something of that kind.