Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Don's legacy: more complex than you thought

The lovely Greta Bradman, granddaughter of Sir Donald.


Anonymous said...

I remember singing this in church as a child. Sibelius, Bach, Wesley and I think a little Beethoven and Tallis: I grew up with them on Sundays; Beatles, Creedence and The Small Faces on Saturdays.

Yes, Greta B has a nice voice. Nonetheless, for me this version lacks the poignancy inherent in the coupling of lyrics and tune. IMO this is a piece best heard sung in an old stone building, preferably by a small congregation having a handful of half-decent voices, and accompanied on a pedal organ.


R.H. said...

Yes I'm pop music but will always come back to this. In bubs school a boy sang in the assembly hall and his voice high and clear conquered everything. A few years ago at a friend's funeral a battler in an absurd white sports coat got up and sang a short hymn I'd never heard before and it was a shock, who'd know such stupendous beauty was there inside him.