Friday, August 19, 2011

It's always nice to know they're comfortable


Mindy said...

Right in the middle of the lounge?

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

Of course.

Helen said...

The pugalier is usually in that position, while the rottie cross is much, much too good to even comtemplate curling up on the humans' furniture. Guess which one I refer to as the "real dog" and which the honorary cat.

It is nice to have him curled up, snoring, against my back on a weekend sleep-in, as long as he doesn't fart.

sarah toa said...

3 years after inheriting a cat with the house, I'm still a dog person. Hate to bitch about her while she is in the room but ... why, when she poos inside, can't I just rub her nose in it and tell her to get out? Why must I open doors for her and wait while she decides whether she wants in or out? And, as a fisherwoman, I constantly feel like I am working for her.

She's beautiful but that saying "Dogs have owners. Cats have staff" stays with me while scraping the sides of the litter tray and trying not to vomit.
Apologies for the rant ... I think you just brought up something for me with that picture!

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