Friday, September 26, 2008

I can haz Valium?*

* well-known muscle relaxant

Ouchy back. Reeaally reeaally ouchy back.

Doc sez iz not seerouis. Pinchd nerv mussell spazzem take too assprin and call me in the morigngng, he sez.

If you lookin for me I am be out in gardn reeding standing up.

*Chex to see if time for more PANNADEEN FORT YAY*


Anonymous said...

Acupuncture works well for some.

Find a doctor who is a trained acupuncturist: you'll get clean needles and the Medicare rebate.


Pavlov's Cat said...

I'm hoping it won't last that long, but if it does then acupuncture is certainly on my list.

Another Outspoken Female said...

I'd consider an osteopath. They are really, really good with all things musculo-skeletal. There is a medicare rebate if on a GP referral now (like psychologists, only the government seems to want to keep it a secret).

If you are seeing a accupuncturist it would be safer to see one who wasn't a GP. (ref. "Towards a safer choice" a review of TCM in Australia found that it was the doctors who made the dangerous mistakes - sad but true).

fifi said...

just for a completely different opinion, a chiropractor who doesn't do the crack thing is the only way to go.
I pinched a nerve in my nek last week and he fixed it very nicely.
I have a history of such things and also a history of remedies which do and dont work, my chiro uses a kind of accupressure, massage and adjusting technique. magic.

also panadeine forte makes me hallucinate, but that's just me.

hope you feel better.

fifi said...

pardon me.

Anonymous said...

Panadeine forte makes me hallucinate also, but that's never stopped me. Me, I recommend chemicals and alcohol, in combination and moderate(ly large) quantities.
Is there more than one person out there who would vote for the rescue greyhound? Actually I thought he wouldn't
Take care of yourself

Pavlov's Cat said...

Yes T, indeed, hallucination is a positive recommendation to my mind. T'anks also for kind words -- xx. NB I put the rescue greyhound in there specially. I see there is also a vote for the moose and frankly I have my suspicions. Surprised no vote so far for ferret -- they are adorable, despite the distinctive aroma.

Thanks to all for healthcare suggestions. I am hoping (reinforced by doc's opinion) that it is more temporary than that.

Fine said...

I voted for the rescue greyhound as they're wonderful dogs who deserve a good life. They can be retrained to be trusted with cats and even rabbits.

genevieve said...

Owwww. Good luck :-)