Wednesday, September 24, 2008

If there are strange yellow things in the garden, it must be Spring


Anonymous said...

Those yellow nasturtiums are beautiful! The orange-reds are more usual. And the banksia rose out ... mine is still coming into leaf & budding up.

And the cat ... such a sweetie.


Anonymous said...

Very fetching.
Just shows the superiority of cats over dogs - my two charmers would have masticated, distributed and disinterred those nasturtiums the minute they started to look attractive - or just sat on them, as they have done to my giant freesias, which look good if you like hortus sicci. As with Jacqui's, my Banksia rose, slightly too large to dig up, not that they havent' tried, is not yet out. But it says spring like nothing else can.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Oh don't worry, whenever I cut (or buy) flowers to have inside, which is where the cats exclusively live, the flowers have to go on top of the fridge or the bookcase or some other place where, by some alchemy, the cats usually choose not to go. Although the fridge at least is not entirely out of bounds.

By my reckoning, Adders is about three weeks ahead of Victoria in the planting and blossoming stakes. I assume it's the latitude and the associated heat. I bet your garden is gorgeous, though, and about to become more so.