Thursday, October 16, 2008


That's behind as in not out in front, not behind as in bum, the latter being even more depressing to contemplate than the list which I now put before you. I am behind with the admin in particular, and in general with the ongoing project that is Life.

I once read an article about the importance of prioritising in the daily pushing-back of life's chaos. It recommended writing a list of every single thing you needed or wanted to do and then prioritising them into categories A (must be done, and ASAP, preferably today), B (is very desirable and should be done soon), and C (every intention of getting round to it eventually). A typical such list looks like this:

clean out the cat litter -- A
learn Italian -- C
pay speeding fine -- B/A
finish the current work novel and start the next one -- A
get a haircut -- B
go back to Tuscany -- C
write to H -- B/A
new front fence -- C/B

Etc. In practice what happens is that you get all the As done plus a handful of the Bs but the Cs never even get a look-in. However, as you can see from the forward slashes, Cs sometimes become Bs, and Bs often increase in urgency until they become As. Which is why I have made another list.

As inspired by some comments over at Laura's place about how one would spend the prime ministerial dosh if one were so fortunate as to be either an oldie or a breeder (and I, like Laura and Amanda, am neither, being, like them, too young for the former category and, unlike them, too old for the latter: like both of those fine ladies I too am what Amanda calls a 'full-time tax-paying-not-eating working schmo'), here, in alphabetical order, is the list of people I really need and/or want to contact, visit and/or hire:

Bank manager
Beauty salon (special environmentally aware variety) (my feminist position on skincare, makeup, haircuts and so on is 'Assimilate and transcend'. Brought up in the 60s, what can you do)
Blood bank
Fence people
Gutter cleaner-outerers
Local council (hard rubbish section)
Pest eradication people
Plumbing supplies shop
Self-storage firm
TV antenna people
Tree surgeon
Yard-cleaning-up people

It's almost a meme, don't you think?

Some of these can wait a little longer, like the optician. Some of them can't, like the growing tree that is about to actually push the garage over. What I don't understand -- given that I can now afford at least some of these things -- is how I could have let that list get quite so long.


ThirdCat said...

As I recall, that tree has been threatening that shed for some time now. Perhaps you would like me to bring my boys over one day to jump up and down on it (the tree, not the shed). It works. I promise.

Peter said...

I believe that you will single-handedly defeat the economic slow-down that everybody is getting excited about.

Thanks for that! :)

Anonymous said...

My own list is similar (minus the home owning bits, add in "ring the Family Assistance Office") I'm ignoring everything except "write essay" and "start the dinner".

Mindy said...

A: pick up posters off the bus for the field day display.

Bus gone when we get there. Posters nowhere in sight. Posters on their way to Sydney. Posters hopefully coming back around 6pm.

A (on workmates list): be at the bus stop at 6pm to pick up the posters on the return trip (didn't mention that bus got in at 6.10pm).

Very hard to bitch about the uselessness of media dept in getting the posters to us so late when we fail to pick them up.