Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Shock, horror, who'd have thought

Apparently, men think red is hawt.

Quelle breakthrough, no? Without the help of science and statistics, we would never have known. Think of the missed opportunities, the wrong choices, the sadly remembered teals and cerises and the hordes of women all over the world with their hands to their foreheads sighing Oh if only I'd known.


TimT said...

And, they added, the fact that men are more turned on by women in red also confirms that, although men like to think that they respond to women "in a thoughtful and sophisticated manner, it appears that at least to some degree their preferences and predilections are, in a word, primitive".

I love how social researchers spin this: putting a bunch of guys in a seat, showing them a series of pictures of women, and asking them to tick a series of boxes depending on their responses, is entirely 'primitive' and 'natural', and has nothing to do with a 'thoughtful' and 'sophisticated' social response.

Francis Xavier Holden said...

I note that a red background was responded to positively. I'd guess that being an old commo then might be a turn on.

Anonymous said...

Obviously they got their subjects together from lots of different ethnic backgrounds, raised in different countries, and tested gay and straight men, just to make sure it wasn't, ya know, learned behaviour.

Anonymous said...

This is up there with that scientific 'experiment' 'they' did which showed that women put in a group together eventually start to menstruate at around the same time - requiring scientific proof rather than Ask any nunnery/your wife and daughters/girls' boarding school/boat load of convict women.
Meanwhile, why didn't they show the women in the experiment red shoes. They always bring out my thoughtful and sophisticated primitive responses...

Ampersand Duck said...

Damn, TimT, you beat me to it. I'll just have to go and paste this quote somewhere else... like on the toilet wall.

lucy tartan said...

I think this is a pretty stupid piece of research. They should have asked them to rank a whole lot of colours and probably some prints / patterns as well - polka dots, black watch etc.

TimT said...

"Now pay close attention to this next question. Do you find pink polka dots on a white dress -
a) Very sexy
b) Somewhat sexy
c) Neither sexy nor unsexy
d) Somewhat unsexy
e) Very unsexy

- when compared to a purple and green vertically striped dress?"