Monday, October 6, 2008

Loud Denunciation of Sandra Bernhard, wherein recent vows are broken almost at once

Regular readers around the Ozblogosphere will have noticed a certain amount of concern trolling about how shocking it is that 'the feminists' (because as you know we are a mob, all the same, and immediately identifiable) have not Loudly Denounced Sandra Bernhard's reported remarks about Sarah Palin, as discussed here.

As a matter of fact I have seen Bernhard Loudly Denounced by a number of feminist bloggers and commenters, but a concern troll will never let the truth get in the way of a good story. Nonetheless, I feel the need to make the gesture. So here you go.

If she said what she is alleged to have said, and it seems that she probably did, in no matter what context, Bernhard was totally out of order. Her 'joke' was offensive and the charity was right to drop her.

Nothing about rape is funny.

Besides, if you're a comedian and Palin is your target, Tina Fey is the way to go. Because a dead straight impersonation is funnier than anything else you could possibly do.

So here you go, Sistahs, here's some handy proof to link to next time you see a complaint about what hypocrites feminists are for not Loudly Denouncing Sandra Bernhard, and crowing about how 'silent' we have all been. I, for one, hereby Loudly Denounce her.

Have I said it often enough yet? Will the bold be easy enough to read, do you think, or would big-print capitals in primary colours be better?


clarencegirl said...

"or would big-print capitals in primary colours be better?"
Warning: Cat hissy underway. :-))
Agree, Bernhard was off, off, off.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Warning: Cat hissy underway. :-))

Hell yeah!

Mindy said...

I believe that she was well out of order! (there, can we move on now?)

Nabakov said...

Not good enough. You also need to loudly denounce the people that aren't loudly denouncing her.


To be honest, I only really come here for the word verifictaion offerings.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Oh damn, I knew I forgot something.

Surely you also come here for the felinitude? I bet you laughed at that LOLcat.

Kim said...

Could it be that the loud denounce only counts if your name is Tim Blair?