Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Champagne if he wins, battery acid if he loses

Around 9 am, certain hardy persons, clearly well young enough to be my children, were asking on one of the LP election threads what people are drinking. That is my answer.

It's now 10.46 am and I am still in my dressing gown (hooray for being one's own boss, etc), glued to the computer. The admirable and ever-reliable Possum is liveblogging the election for crikey and has made this truly remarkable observation there:

With an estimated 75% turn out in Virginia, the down ballot Senate race already being called for Dem Mark Warner, the first handful of results in Republic districts in Virginia will tell us if Obama has won the election. If they are close or even leaning Obama then Virginia goes Democrat and the election is effectively over.

There are some fantastic other links from that, erm, link, including to the wonderful US map with closing times for each State and the Australian EST equivalents. If I have done my Adelaide time zone arithmetic correctly, voting closed in Virginia about 25 minutes ago, so there's not that long to wait.

There will be a major moment about five minutes from now when voting closes in 21 states, strung out all the way along the political spectrum. Somewhere between now and the champagne/battery acid I'm going to have to get out the Scotch and have what my friend Steve used to call a teensy triple. Possibly in my dressing gown.


The Devil Drink said...

You know, Napoleon drank champagne with his lunch of cold chicken at Waterloo.
I'm just saying.

Zoe said...

I'm so tense.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Z, I think we can relax.

DD, not sure what you're implying there, but it don't sound purty.

the wordy gecko said...


Pavlov's Cat said...

Oh I know. I'm still blubbering into it.

Anonymous said...

Champagne indeed -- I've been blubbering too! What a marvellous result. Coy

Ann O'Dyne said...

Dear Woman In A Dressing Gown,
The REMO store in Sydney has the Obama tee shirt out - and of course it's black.

A gangster movie I can't recall has a line "shampagne for my real friends and real pain for my sham friends".

and that chicken dish of Napoleon's was called Chicken Marengo.

Barry Leiba said...

And thus we spake!

Pavlov's Cat said...

That's a great photo-post there, Barry, thanks for linking to it -- I followed up a few of the subjects and you've reminded me of a lot of stuff I'd forgotten (those Klan photos are beyond vile), and alerted me to stuff that I never knew in the first place.

You must be a very happy man!

Fine said...

ann o'dyne, I remember that line from a film called 'Love is the Devil' aboout the artist Francis Bacon. But, of course, it may have been used in other films.

I was at a very tense, unhappy meeting yesterday meeting. Someone suddenly interrupted, "Obama's won' and the very tense, unhappy meeting dissolved for a moment. Briefly we were all friends. And then we went back to the meeting.