Saturday, November 22, 2008

Clinton (H.) set for Secretary of State

Read all about it (and check out the fantastic photo) here.

That should keep the right-wing bloggers and the Oz's op edders happily Loudly Denouncing for weeks.


Zoe said...

105 kinds of yay!

(doorbitch may disagree: prinmen)

Pavlov's Cat said...

It's good, isn't it.

Zoe said...

It really is better than good.

btw, do you know the genius US site Bag News Notes? (which I found via Helen and became addicted to during the US election) - check this thread asking punters to post the image they think best expresses the news -


tigtog said...

Pav, they're going to go totally ape. ClenisClenisClenis!

I'm pleasantly surprised that this appears to be the plan. I didn't think he'd have the gumption after all the bitterness during the primaries, and I'm really pleased to be wrong.

Pavlov's Cat said...

About three weeks out from the election I started to th ink he really did have it in him to overcome the obvious problems and make her a good offer-- not least because it would be such a dreadful waste if he didn't. What has surprised me more is that she seems ready to accept it.

Astrologically speaking I foresee problems ahead, though:

Male Leo and Female Scorpio

Potential for something to come together here. Scorpio woman is going to like his Leonine openness - it makes quite a contrast with her own dark and secretive nature. Him being all warmth, self-confidence and relaxation should be a bit of a tonic. Could be that he isn't even scared of her, and that could be pretty exciting. As for him, well he should feel the typical attraction of Ms Scorpio, i.e. she's one sexy bitch. Problems? Yes, certainly. There is a serious contrast in basic attitude between his openness and her secrecy. He'll really hate her grudge bearing, she'll be wounded by his insensitivity. Basically, fire and water have tensions between them anyway, but when they're both fixed [signs] (as here) it's hard to see who is going to move to accommodate the needs of the other."


Pavlov's Cat said...

Zoe, that site is fantastic!

via collins said...

where in the heck did they get that photo from?

looks like an imaginary out-take fom Mission Impossible 3, or 4, or whatever the heck they're up to.

Hilary has been crucified by editorial pic choices for years. This one i'd like in large format framed in the living room.

Tx for pointing to it.