Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dialogue line of the day

'Waiter, can we have another bottle of Pinot Grigio? Things have taken a turn for the worse here.'

-- Maeve Binchy


genevieve said...

I skimmed a Binchy novel (not the celebrated Circle of Friends, though, the film of which I thought was quite sweet) at the beach house many years ago and was quite impressed. She's popular for a few reasons - strong narrative and believable peeps.

Do we need a poetry competition with these captchas? I almost haz an alphabet of them now.

Deborah said...

Why just one bottle?


Anonymous said...

My partner once overheard, in a cafe, a man say "Waiter, bring us a litre of your second best red".

It is repeated frequently round these past.

"hatibers", which I believe is the style of poetry made from captchas.

Deborah said...

I hadn't intended to make another comment, until I saw the captcha - "lurove" - which is the noun used for the charms of someone who has had that second bottle of pinot grigio, and consequently thinks that she or he is being very charming indeed.

His lurove was beginning to grate on Maeve.

Mindy said...

Even though I'm a non drinker, I could do with a bottle of something alcoholic right now. By 9am my daughter had thrown my packed lunch into the garden, and badly squished her finger in the front door, and when I delivered my son to school one of his friends told him that she wasn't giving him an Xmas card because sometimes he is not nice to her. Like she's nice to him all the time. Why do five year olds feel the need to do this to each other? < end rant>

podsocti - I might start using that as a swear word.