Monday, November 24, 2008

Hard-rubbish Wombles please note

You are welcome to anything in the pile. If I wanted it, it would still be in the house or shed, not out on the nature strip.


If I chuck stuff out, it is because the stuff is no longer viable. Anything I don't want that is still usable goes to the Red Cross or the Salvos. So:

-- That office chair is broken. If you sit on it, it will immediately tip you out sideways on your backside, if not somewhere less well padded.

-- All those plastic garden pots are brittle and cracked.

-- After three globally warmed summers in the otherwise uncooled living room, that portable evaporative air conditioner/fan whatnot now emits a foul stench when in use. Something to do with Adelaide water. Intensive inner cleaning and a replacement straw insulation thingy will not help.

As I say, take whatever you like. But please, please, re-stack what's left neatly and don't leave rubbish scattered all over the nature strip.

And finally: most of this stuff has been in the shed, which harbours a fascinating array of insect life. Sometimes, some of said life is black and pointy with a big red stripe. Just so you know.


M-H said...

I think it is especially humiliating when your hard rubbish is spurned wile that of your neighbours is being snapped up. However, a broken office chair, a desk that requires removal of doors to get it in or out of a house and a stained chest-of-drawers have gone from outside our place today. Apparently my rubbish is of high quality.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps M-H, it is not so humiliating, if your neighbours' stuff is all taken to be re-used it is because they were throwing out stuff that was perfectly good and not in fact 'rubbish'.

That said, there's always someone who'll look at a computer monitor that's spent three days in the rain and think "I could use that". That person is my partner. He requires constant supervision.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Broken office chairs seem to be in particularly high demand!

cristy said...

We missed hard rubbish day the other weekend. I was very sad. I wanted to wander around and pick up stuff that I don't need (and get rid of our old washing machine, video player, tv, etc).

BTW: I tagged you in a meme, in case you feel like playing.