Saturday, December 13, 2008

Life keeps on happening

Overworked. Sleep-deprived. Depressed.*

Normal services will be resumed shortly, I hope.

* Nothing personal, just the daily news


Stephanie Trigg said...

any better today, sweetie?

Pavlov's Cat said...

Yes thank you. Much. Hardly Normal are delivering my new washing machine and dryer this afternoon. My dream of a waterwise yet still top-loading washing machine has been answered! And $200 of water rebate!

The cherries for breakfast were good, too. I bought them just in time, before the rain wrecked the crops and shot the prices through the roof.

Still overworked, but am grateful for 'too much' as opposed to 'not enough'.

Di said...

Dear Cat,
It is great you have a lot of paid work; you'll be very pleased when the cheques roll in.
But ain't it a difficult time?
I'm so glad my teaching is over for the year as I felt I had nothing more to give to my students. I teach school refuser types who are are bit like Tyler debated over at LP. Those kids and the whole social millieu that surrounds them is so depressing - something our country has slipped into and we don't know what to do about it. I feel very angry about their fathers- where the f*ck are they and why aren't they telling the (boys) to pull their f*cking heads in?
I'm also rather depressed about my friends who whinge endlessly about what the Labour governments fail to do. But they have no solutions or positive ideas except whingeing. Sorry but I somehow developed the idea that we should work together to solve problems. Apparently not.
I'm tired too but finding a little solace in music (Mavis Staples tonight) and wine. That's about it.

Pavlov's Cat said...

I heard Mavis Staples talking to the great Andrew Ford on the Music Show not long ago. She was fabulous.

Di said...

Yeah; she's great that woman. I wonder if I haven't invested too much in the romantic spirit. I think that's what I want and someone like Mavis is able to sing it out.

Walked away from the desk, outside,saw the spirit there in the clear Southern Cross up above (shades of Tyler, alas).

Just battle on I spose.

Life's a battle. That's all I've been able to come up with after all these years.

Or, as the Builders' Labourers say: 'Dare to struggle, Dare to win!'