Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Rain dance

What my dear and long-departed paternal grandfather used to call the Weather Baroo has been forecasting rain in these parts for several days now, but thus far the sky has declined to put its money where its mouth is.

So this morning saw me outside with the garden hose, since it's Wednesday and it's before 9 am and I live in an odd-numbered house and I neglected to water the garden the last time I was allowed to (last Sunday) because I was busy and the Weather Baroo had told me I wouldn't need to.

The poor parched plants needed a serious soaking, especially the lemon tree which is one thirsty dude, so there was considerable expenditure of both time and money, the former in particular being in crucially short supply around here at the moment. As for the money, the water people seem to be behaving the same way as Telstra; as the use of water and of landlines gets less and less, they hike up the infrastructure charges more and more, so although you're being incredibly and increasingly frugal in your use of necessary services, your bills stay roughly the same. It's a version of the law of diminishing returns.

So anyway, after seriously soaking the garden, packing up the hose and coming inside, I went out again five minutes later for something else and there it was, if not actually bucketing down then certainly having a good substantial spit. I can't always make it rain by hanging out the washing or washing the car, but watering the garden is a lay-down misère.


Bernice said...

If it's any consolation, your pre-soaking will have ensured that the rain will do maximum good. Uber-good? Maxi-good? Good by any other name would do so good.

Deborah said...

I'm back home in NZ for a few weeks, leaving my Adelaide garden to the mercies of the rain god. So, if you have time, could you

Deborah said...

What I meant to say, before higging the return key too enthusiastically, was, could you please keep up the watering?

Anonymous said...

For me it's BBQs - almost guaranteed to bring rain if I have friends around. Not if I cook outside for the family, though. Can't figure out how that works.

I water the garden (during designated watering times) regardless of whether rain is forecast or not. I'm with Bernice, the way I look at it is my watering gets the ground ready for the precipitaton stuff to actually soak in. Well, it's a thought anyway.

Perry Middlemiss

Feral Sparrowhawk said...

I run astronomy nights. Of course solid cloud will destroy the event as effectively as rain, but the weather Gods often seem to take a particular pleasure in demonstrating just how convincingly they are making their contempt known