Monday, December 8, 2008


If you've spent the morning struggling through a competent but depressing and claustrophobic novel by President Nicolas Sarkozy's cultural advisor about the fatal Munich summit of 1938 as fictionalised from Daladier's point of view, it's a nice joyful restoration of perspective to come across this chez Duck.

Gratitude. We has it.

(Although I can't help thinking that the German for Wingdings must surely be die Wingen-Dingen.)


Ampersand Duck said...


The cats think I'm very weird for shouting 'die Wingen-Dingen' joyfully around the house a few times.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Die Katzen kann nicht Deutsch sprechen?

(I bet there's at least one mistake in there. 'Katzen' is probably 'Katze', and at least one of the verbs is in the wrong place. Thank God this isn't an exam -- this is the kind of dithering that used to find me with ten minutes left to go and three whole questions yet to address.)

Ampersand Duck said...

Surely we can just marge all the words together to make one new word about cat literacy?

Ampersand Duck said...


Pavlov's Cat said...

And then we could name a street after it. Katzendeutschengesprechenheitstrasse.

Actually, I think 'marge' is pretty good. Margarine is after all an agglomeration: 'Manufacturers produced oleomargarine by taking clarified vegetable fat, extracting the liquid portion under pressure, and then allowing it to solidify. When combined with butyrin and water, it made a cheap and more-or-less palatable butter-substitute.' (Wiki) Don't you love that 'more or less'? More or less than what, one wonders.

Ampersand Duck said...

definitely less palatable.

When I have my own empire there's going to be a street named that.