Friday, May 22, 2009

Sounds like the tip of the Tripp iceberg to me

In today's Doonesbury (see sidebar) strip 'Say What?' feature, in a quotation from this article, we hear from one Bristol Palin.

Who? I hear you cry, and people, I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the fact that one needs to be reminded who she is; it could so easily have been very different. No, c'mon, you remember Bristol Palin: the one who could have become the US's first Second, or, if we and Senator John McCain had got seriously unlucky, first First Daughter.

Sounds as though the bonding process with the first Almost-Second Grandchild might be a tad rocky. That, or someone needed better sex education and access to contraceptives. For here is what she said:
"If girls realized the consequences of sex, nobody would be having sex. Trust me. Nobody."
Can it be possible that she thinks every other teenage girl is as ignorant and unprepared as her Mommy made sure as she was? Does she have any idea what a devastating indictment this remark is of her mother?

I really am having a bit of trouble getting my head around this one. What was she expecting, a pony?


Ann ODyne said...

1. I love Doonesbury/Trudeau.

2. The whole Alaska/notifiable-names/Vice-Pres/ "AS IF" thing was hilarious too.

and that quote shows how absolutely dumb she is.

The consequence of intercourse is frequently a beloved child.

16 and pregnant without benefit of Church*, when the mother is a State Governor, just leaves me speechless.
Condoms are available at safeway fer chrissakes - No excuses.

*this is no indictment of single-mothers, nor an endorsement of Christianity.
I wish I could have heard Cindy McCain's remarks as it unfolded.
I bet the Campaign Manager who allowed Palin the VP ticket without checking all the details, is now reporting from Siberia.

BwcaBrownie said...

from The Guardian, Lost In Showbiz column:
'The last time we saw Bristol was in February when the 18-year-old gave a perfectly sensible interview on - somewhat contradictorily, but bear with us - Fox News, saying that chastity was not a realistic policy for teenage sex education. Three months later, Bristol has been allowed to emerge from the padded cell in which Fox and her parents have kept her ever since for the "re-programming" and she is now, babe in arms, the face of teenage sexual abstinence. "If girls realised the consequences of having sex, nobody would be having sex. Trust me. Nobody," she tells People magazine this week. Well, probably not with some dumb Alaskan hick who recently appeared on the Tyra Banks Show in the US to brag about boning most of his sister's friends. Good point, Bristol!

It's a very touching interview in People, particularly the part when readers are informed that, due to nursing duties, Bristol couldn't even go out to celebrate her graduation with her friends, but instead stayed home with her family playing "Eskimo bingo". We are waiting for confirmation that real eskimos were involved and that the prize was a head start on the next day's family moose hunt.

On a fact-finding mission to the US last month, Lost in Showbiz was simply delighted to start one of her mornings by turning on the TV and spitting out her coffee on finding herself faced with the completely unscary vision of a smiling Todd Palin and his unsmiling daughter Bristol, holding her baby, Tripp, whom Todd pointed at and called - in loving, grandfatherly tones, of course -
"a mistake". You know how the Christian right's argument against abortion is that
"every child is a gift"? It turns out that "mistake" is Alaskan for "gift"

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

No, no, 'Eskimo'. 'Eskimo' for gift.

iODyne said...

she probably kept her muk luks ON though.

Penthe said...

Trying to imagine giving birth to a pony and thinking that yes, that would probably encourage abstinence.

Link said...

Bit sad for the kid. (Needless to say). Which one? ALL OF THEM.

Only way I'd have a kid is if it could be a pony--a small one.

Tripped up. Hope he sues.

Helen said...

I bet the Campaign Manager who allowed Palin the VP ticket without checking all the details, is now reporting from Siberia.[snerk!]

Pav, I don't know if she's referring to the bonding process (I mistyped this first as the bonging process, but I surmise some of that might have been involved, as well as bonking), I think not so much that as the "growing up in public with your pants down" (to quote that song by Lou Reed which was a bit of a fizzer.)

w/v aquastog - ppl wanting to name future Scandinavian hair bands pls note!! Yes, I'm still bitter about the shortage of them in the last Eurovision.

Sarah said...

I just find it hilarious that she called her son Tripp. As in 'acidental fall'. Well, it's truth in advertising.

Mindy said...

I think also, does she realise what a devestating indictment this is on her ex-boyfriend? Many teenagers take the risk because it's fun and the moment often outweighs the long term considerations. Maybe if she meets someone who considers her needs in bed, then she might change her mind.

Francis Xavier Holden said...

The "girls" I know do realise the consequences of sex - the build up to a relaxing orgasm and a feeling of satisfaction. Hell some of them even get that with a partner and a few of them even with a male partner.

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

FXH, I think that may have been Bristol's point: that there are short-term consequences, and then there are long-term consequences. Not sure where you're going with it though. Your view of the consequences of sex, as expressed here, seems, if you will forgive me, somewhat androcentrically blinkered and incomplete.

(Besides, as Mindy correctly implies, it seems somewhat unlikely that a horny, narcissistic 18 year old hockey jock from Wasilla will be sufficiently well-informed or self-controlled to produce the effect you describe.)

iODyne said...

'Wasilla' has struck me, right from the start of the Palin Saga, to be onoematapeaically (sp?) so appropriate for the whole dam moose shooting, phrase-mangling reproductive hypocrisy.

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

Well, I grew up in Curramulka so I should probably be more careful about mocking Wasilla, but I must say, Mr or Ms Marshall-Stacks, that it's good to see that the point of the post is clear. I had begun to get the impression that people may have forgotten about Sarah Palin's opinions on contraception, which were the point of the post, but you have reassured me otherwise.

iODyne said...

nuh. Despite having a 'k' in it, Cunnamulka does not sound silly. Wasilla sounds like a silly place.

But this will wipe the smile off your face - when the Harper Collins autobiography drops into your 'To review' box, and you have to read Palintological phraseology for which her advance is apparently US$11 million smackers.

The ghostwriter assisting the birth, is Lynn somebody, known for anti-choice journalism.
Beauty pageant photos, Son serving in Iran photos, dear little downs syndrome baby photos ... what a woman. What a mother'

Francis Xavier Holden said...

pav - I'm not sure I was all that male centred at all. I was implying that sex could be solo or without men and generally pleasurable.

I was a boy from the bush, still haven't completed secondary school, taught by nuns that sex was for procreation only. I don't think I have ever had sex without one or more partners having some form of contraceptive.

I see having kids as a result of conscious thought through decisions not as a consequence of sex. But then I'm not a north American.

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

Sorry, I was having trouble reading your tone. I'm inclined to think people are being ironic even when they're not. :-(