Friday, April 9, 2010


Let me get this straight: Christine Nixon is to be crucified for taking an hour off, when she wasn't even rostered on, in order to have dinner -- but it's cause for gasps of meeja admiration when the Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition goes AWOL on a nine-day bike ride, taking yet another opportunity to wobble his budgie at slavering photographers and horrified truckies for the entire length of the Hume Highway.

Because, like, he's fit, and she's, you know, not, and everyone knows the skinned rabbit look equals virtue whereas a traditionally built lady must by definition be, you know, evil.

Have I got that right?

Have a read of that linked article, and then ask yourself how much more vile, ignorant, sniggering, misogynist fat-hate Nixon would be copping even than she already is if she were to emulate the Leader of the Opposition and say, in defence of the shocking crime of having an evening meal, 'I'm just being myself.'


naomi said...


Only good thing is the rapidity with which folks who matter (survivors, and the pollies what actually have power) leapt to her defence.

Shockingly, police and meeja appear misogynist. Who'd have thought?

persiflage said...

I agree. It seems a case of never lose an opportunity to knock any female who holds a responsible and powerful position. Nixon seems to have done a good job overall. Lots of studies show that if people work too many hours without a break their judgement and abilities become seriously affected. Facts like these never deter our glorious media, however, What incredible whingeing they promote and foster.

blue milk said...

Absolutely, I have been thinking something similar about the criticism of Nixon. Great post.

Elisabeth said...

This one horrified me too. For pity's sake. She wasn't on duty.

I think CN is meant to be a soothsayer and predict the future.

In her role, CN should have known something that no one else knew. She should have known what was to come and clocked on duty in that knowledge and, as you suggest Pav, she should have avoided that unnecessary meal.

Anthony said...

Yeah and good call on the fatty fat fatty having her fatty fat meal subtext. Complete beat up and a failure for media to ask simple questions of themselves like - are we expecting people to work until they drop?

And what's Tony doing on a bicycle when our nation is under the constant threat of brown people on boats?

JahTeh said...

'wobbling his budgie' is never going to leave my mind.

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

Sorry, JahTeh -- there seemed no other way to say it. Woggling his budgie, perhaps. Budging his woggly. This is getting worse and worse, isn't it.

kika said...

sounds to me like some threatened men are trying to undermine a capable, efficient and intelligent woman - again. shades of joan kirner and carmen lawrence.

if all the dirt they can get on christine is that she (gasp) ate dinner, they must be desperate and very frustrated.

did kevin rudd have dinner that night?