Monday, April 5, 2010

Margaret Atwood on Twitter

This (hat tip to Judith Ridge on FaceBook) is lovely. (If any of my old students and/or English majors generally are reading this, see how many literary allusions you can spot -- I think I found four, but I'm sure there are more.)

Here, for example, is Atwood on the subject of her Canadian followers:

They’re sharp: make a typo and they’re on it like a shot, and they tease without mercy. However, if you set them a verbal challenge, a frisson sweeps through them. They did very well with definitions for “dold socks”—one of my typos—and “Thnax,” another one. And they really shone when, during the Olympics, I said that “Own the podium” was too brash to be Canadian, and suggested “A podium might be nice.” Their own variations poured onto a feed tagged #cpodium: “A podium! For me?” “Rent the podium, see if we like it.” “Mind if I squeeze by you to get onto that podium?”

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