Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gutter journalism

Is anyone else who's lucky enough to be able to be glued to the telly being utterly appalled by the journalists who keep asking those present at the caucus meeting whether Kevin cried? What is it with the meeja and tears being regarded as the money shot? Does anyone know? Does anyone apart from them care? And aren't there just a few slightly more important questions to ask?

(Like, for example, what was Julia Gillard thinking at the point at which Rudd started sending his baby-cowboy advisors around to check on her loyalty, which up to that point had been iron-clad?)

You wait, the minute he fronts the press they'll be clamouring 'How do you feel?' How do they think he feels? If anyone who asks him that gets called a ratfucker then it'll be no more than they deserve.

UPDATE: well, in the event nobody needed to ask. That was, as Annabel Crabb said, hard to watch. (Or in my case hard to listen to, as the telly is borked.) But also very typical: he wasn't prepared to adjust his speech on his feet; he kept seeing things coming up that were going to make him cry and doggedly refusing to avoid them. It was like watching a very brave but not very canny showjumping horse going round a course of jumps that it built itself, jumps that were mostly too high and too hard.


Suze said...

I agree, excruciating to listen to. It's hard to know what to think or feel about it all. Confusing on several levels. What worries me is whether this is government by polls and PR - which isn't an entirely new phenomenon, but one which seems to be gathering strength.

Ann ODyne said...

I suspect the votes were cast against his temper and the long hours for staff.

would like to be fly on wall 1. at Howard breakfast table, and 2. for phone call between Therese and Julia RE The Lodge.

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

Ms O'Dyne, as I've just remarked on Facebook, the one I want to be a fly on the wall at is the first private conversation between the Prime Minister and the Governor-General. I suspect there will be whooping involved.

Frances said...

I had read a few recent articles - (including, astonishingly, a highly critical one by Bob Ellis), claiming that KR would not delegate: he kept his ministers in the dark and out of the loop. (er, pardon the cliches)

Mindy said...

The SMH has the money shot of the former PM with a tear in his eye. I just wish we had seen more of this grace when he was still our PM.

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Link said...

Having been in that position before, (trying not to cry in front of people, when you still have things to say) I learnt a lot looking at K.Rudd today. It was definitely a form of steely stoicism. He knew he was going to cry but resisted collapsing into his feelings. Pretty simple and took a great deal of will of which he seems to have a great deal apparently, it also worked. Perhaps that was the real making of K. Rudd? The only mistake he made today was suggesting there was some shame in his blubbering The only shame in public 'blubbering' is that it's very hard to make yourself audibly clear.

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