Sunday, August 29, 2010

Desperate for them to come again

Read this.

Here's a taste.

It is no small thing though, to be in water with such large creatures, face to face. For they are huge, muscled and dark: they are like water made solid, they are silent and full of purpose. 

Go on, off you go, just do it.


Bernice said...

Thank you.

Elisabeth said...

Thanks for a glorious introduction to some exquisite writing, Pav. Strange fruit indeed.

It makes a needed rest from all the political humbug we've suffered through over recent months.

The sea is honest, as is this writing.

Penthe said...

Thank you for the link, very much.

fifi said...

Thank you.
You are lovely.

(I have now, with great mortification, tidied my typos.
Your fingers must have been twitching. :-) )

genevieve said...

ooh Kerryn, well spotted. I have been sick and would have missed it, and kicked myself.
Fabulous, Fiona.