Sunday, August 15, 2010

He's grounded in a what now?

The only possible explanation for Miranda Devine's latest shamefully dishonest naive rave (Rooty Hill was not in any way scripted or rigged? Yes, and I am Scarlett Johansson) is that some sub at the website has been at the Laphroiag, for how, otherwise, could this manifestly nonsensical sentence have made it online?
His wife Margaret's amused disdain for his baby-holding abilities in the campaign gives another clue to Abbott's groundedness.
Got that? The facts that (a) by Devine's own account, his wife is disdainful of him and (b) he doesn't know how to hold a baby (which would seem to indicate that he rarely held his own when they were small), taken together, are a 'clue' to Abbott's 'groundedness.'

Remember that raspberry thing Paul Keating did in Parliament that time with his index finger and his bottom lip? Consider it done.


Casey said...

"Yes, and I am Scarlett Johansson"

No, that's right - you can sing for starters.

Did you read about the one where she was talking about the disappearance of Kiesha Abrahams out western Sydney, just a stones throw from Rooty Hill RSL, and the how that community out there - forgotten by Labor, you know, - how marvellous they are in the face of this forgetting. And then she used the unfortunate circumstances of this girl's disappearance and the communities setting off of balloons to 'light the way home' or something as case in point of how these forgotten by Labor communities suffer because they are forgotten but never mind they can still light candles cause love is the answer. Labor cannot, no not ever, quench their spirit.

No shame, not a shred of it in sight.

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

Thanks for that, Casey -- it's good to know that whatever else Miranda may be, she is at least consistent.

They say we get the politicans we deserve. If we also get the op edders we deserve then we must have collectively done something very very bad in a past life.

Mitzi G Burger said...

I still say Miranda D is a computer generated program, and a team of writers feed in weekly key words to generate the require shit-stirring.

Mitzi G Burger said...

... and Scarlett Johansson is my personal blog comments editor.

Bernice said...

Bugger the computer generated program - have you ever noticed you NEVER see Miranda and Alan Jones in the same room at the same time? Spooky I say.

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

Bernice, there are many, many advantages to living in Adelaide.

naomi said...

oh hai, Scarlett ... Scarlett?