Friday, August 27, 2010

Why everyone loves Antony Green

Dude knows his stuff, is why.

I was directed to this magnificently clear and thorough explanation of the current and possible future Canberra scenarios by the equally excellent Bernice, who blogs here.


Mindy said...

I was cranky that Antony didn't see this coming, but now after reading that all is forgiven. He just makes politics so understandable and straightforward. People keep coming to ask me what a hung parliament means, because I read pollie blogs, so after I give them my garbled response (all mistakes mine dear Antony) I send them a link to his blog.

Emily said...

Mmmm! Surely after such a clear and logical explanation we will see The Australian and it's minions, together with the rest of the media, giving Antony Green's piece front page exposure and to head all news bulletins. Surely?

elsewhere said...

Well, I have to say, he's one of a handful of 'famous' peeps from my high school, along with Joh Bailey the celebrity hairdresser and Katrina Warren, the TV vet.

Ann O'Dyne said...

I revelled in the Tally Room with Kerry and Antony so comfortable with their job.

Elsewhere's comment interests me.
Do you think it is just chance, or was there a teacher there who really inspired students?

I am fascinated by the Adelaide school which produced Kamahl, Kelly Preston and Natasha Scott-Despoja.
My own country high school produced more than several high-profile arts people (names you would know) and I put it down to a particular headmistress who really was A Teacher.