Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Not just rocky, but also horror


Cate P said...

That's brilliant, love it :)

Ann ODyne said...

brilliant it may be, but I cannot look as he just repulses me too much.
my ovaries rage at the very sight of him. I can feel them stomping about shreiking "Get him and the church he rode in on away from us!"

lucytartan said...

True though the general time-warp spirit is - double-time warp back to Howard's 90s does Menzies's 50s - I find that cartoon kind of objectionable in its own way. There's the tiresome and cowardly harping on families which I hated when Rudd did it and am sorry the ALP continues to do under our unmarried godless childless penisless leader. There's also something pretty tacky about drawing T. Abbott with crazy eyes and a hunchback, as if that sums up how evil he is.